Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send my rolls?

You may personally drop off your rolls or send us your rolls through your preferred courier shipping service such as LBC, J&T, JRS, GrabExpress, Lalamove, Angkas, MoveIt, Mr. Speedy, etc.
Shipping details:
Name: Dionela, Arrenze c/o DROPBOX
Address: 111 Monet (DROPBOX) St. Brgy. Don Jose, Santarosa Estates 1, Sta. Rosa, Laguna
Contact No.: 0923-088-9419

What is Push and Pull?

What is Push/Pull? Pushing and Pulling refers to the method in film processing that means leaving the film in the chemicals for longer or shorter depending on the look you wish to achieve. It is usually denoted through number of stops (+1, +2, -2, -1, etc). It will affect the grain and contrast of your film but we recommend this only for those who are really sure with the output they wish to achieve. Pushing and Pulling is taken into consideration while actually shooting the rolls. If you're not very sure with what your output would look like, we recommend to go for regular processing instead. SouthLab only does push/pull processing for B&W film.

What is developing (dev)?

Film developing or processing is a chemical process in which the film is subjected to to make the latent or invisible images appear on the film and yields what we call the film negatives. Although this could also refer to darkroom printing, It is now more commonly used to describe the former. This also causes the film to lose it light sensitivity. Always remember that unprocessed film must not be exposed to light or else you will lose all your images! All film must be developed first before it can be scanned.

What is Scanning?

Film scanning is the process of digitizing your images using a dedicated and specialized film scanner so that it will be ready to be stored digitally, shared on social media, or be printed. SouthLab uses dedicated equipment specialized for film digitizing to ensure you get the best quality your images deserve. We don't do DSLR scanning!

What is Half-frame scanning?

Half-frame scanning refers to scanning images that were made using a half-frame camera. Back in the recession in Japan, manufacturers found a way for people to still be able to take photos but save film at the same time by creating half-frame cameras. This means that instead of the regular 12, 24, or 36 images per roll of film, you get twice the number but half the size per image. There is an additional charge because half-frame scanning take a bit longer and more effort than regular scanning because there are 2 images in a single usual frame and this affects the white balance of both images and must be adjusted accordingly. If you did not use a half-frame camera, there is no need to tick this in the order form!

What is printing and does SouthLab print?

Printing is the process of creating physical copies of your images either digitally using a special photofinishing printer or manualy through the traditional dark room process. Southlab currently does not offer printing services but we can assure you that the quality of our scans will give you no problem when printed at your local photofinishing shop.

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